Friday, October 28, 2016

Big Bertha in Flat Black Plastic

My next 3D print, arrived from the printer today, and as usual, came out better than expected, and ready to paint.

I plan to pick up some primer tomorrow, and get this one ready, along with the smaller white one I had printed last week.

Can't wait to see them painted.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Friday, October 21, 2016


The Gangs

Every player will have at least one "Gang Sheet", with which they will track their developmental progress through multiple play sessions of "Car Wars 6th Edition".

These Gang Sheets can be as simple as a Post-It note, or as complex as a Multipage Illustrated Folder, complete with Charts, Diagrams, and Backstories, but all must contain at least the following variables:

  • Reputation:
  • Prestige:
  • StreetCred:

  • Personality Cards

  • Vehicle Card Sets

  • Other Cards 

A newly created Gang Sheet, will only have the Name and Faction, to start. These are completely left up to the player.

The player may choose a name for their gang, using any number of inspirations for support. The name should somewhat be a reflection, of the play-style in which the player desires to present their gang. It should also be compatible with the Faction choice, as well.
Some examples are:
The Road Rats, Shark Team Seven, Synners

Players are encouraged to express their creativity through their Gang Names.

As of Oct. 21, 2116 (Game Date), we're only certain of 12 Factions, of which few have been named, and described. We've been told that Faction choice, will be a limiter on which Cards may be used in Game Play by any particular Faction. Players should take this into consideration, when choosing a Faction. 

Players should also consider the "MetaGame", in which other players in their group, may either limit or expand their Card choices, based on the other Factions chosen, in their Play Group.

For instance, in a Play Group where nearly everyone is playing the "Flaming Scavengers", there will be a limited supply of the best cards allowable to those Gangs, and a player choosing "Speed Demons", may find their options are far more flexible.

Depending on the Game Rules regarding Factions that we see when the game is published, the possibility of creating Custom Factions can also be expressed here.

Each of the three Stats, will serve as a floating currency, in which the players can both accumulate and spend points, as a way of modifying and customizing their play experience.

In general:
  1. All three stats for a Gang will start at zero (0)
  2. Players will accumulate Stat points for playing in scenarios
  3. Players will spend these points, in order to customize their Gangs
  4. After a length of time (a season), a Player who has accumulated the most points, will be declared the "Winner" of the Campaign, or alternatively - a Campaign can consist of a "Race" to a set number of Points.

This is the main stat for the Wasteland Factions, which deals less in cash and trophies, and more in bragging rights, and scavenged resources. Cards that the "Wastelander Factions" have access to, can be purchased for exclusive use by a Gang, when spending Reputation Points. A Gang with little or no Reputation might be a single Wandering Desert Nomad, whereas a Gang that's accumulated much in the way of Reputation would most likely be a Wasteland Warparty, with many vehicles at their disposal.

This is the Stat reflecting the Professional, Corporate, and Arena resources that a Gang can bring to bear. This could be an abstract value, which would include cash rewards, sponsorships, and/or active fan bases. Cards that the "Arena Factions" have access to, can be purchased for exclusive use by a Gang, when spending Prestige Points. A Gang entering an Amateur Night scenario would probably have little, or no Prestige. Conversely, a Gang with over 50 Prestige, would probably have their own weekly Dueling Reality Show.

This Stat serves as a catch-all for cards that don't fall into either of the above categories, along with allowing for the flexibility to incorporate custom and uncategorized cards into the game. Gangs with high StreetCred might include a group of Vigilantes patrolling the Urban Ruins, along with Rogue Scientists trading in Black Market goods, in order to build an extravagant weapons system.

Players will keep track of individual personalities that are members of their Gang in this area. Driver, Gunner, and Mechanic Cards can be purchased and/or created by spending Stat Points. These continuing characters can also be awarded Stat Points, giving them bonuses in scenarios, along with serving as bonus points for competing Gangs who manage to eliminate them during gameplay.

Cards that have been reserved for exclusive use by a Gang, can be assembled as a set, called a Vehicle. These will generally be cards, whose values add up to a particular amount, giving that Vehicle a Division classification, equal to that amount. For instance, a Gang who has purchased Armor, Weapons, Handling, and Technology cards to add up to 10 points, could spend an additional Stat point, in order to assemble those Cards into a single “Division 10 Vehicle”.

Cards that have yet to be assembled into Vehicles, and Cards that don’t fit into the classification as “Staff” can also be purchased, or created - and stored in this category. When the game is published, we’ll see how customizable the rules will allow us to be, and this category will be explored more fully.

Next Update:

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cars Wars Minis

I think I've finally got the foibles worked out with my "old" camera, and its ability to serve as a way of documenting my 3D prints for "Car Wars".

Here's the latest round of pictures.

Comments welcome.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Periodically, I revisit this.Was really hoping for a second installment.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Here's the first of my "Vehicular Violence" models that I'm creating in anticipation of Steve Jackson's "Car Wars" Kickstarter, coming later this year.

You can check them out on the Shapeways site, as I add more models and photos.
Vehicular Violence